Cpa Instruments Review

Cpa Instruments Review – A Complete Easy To Follow Marketing Course

Have you heard about the launch of a new product, called Cpa Instruments? There was no information on this course, since it was just released a couple of days ago. I decided to buy it anyway, since the price was a very reasonable thirty nine dollars.

I had never heard of the creator of the program, Ritoban Chakrabarti, but as I said, for the price, I decided to go for it, and I will honestly tell you it was a good decision.

I will let you know the few bad points, before I get into the many good points about this program, that really did impress me, and I am not that easily impressed.

First of all, the sales page for cpa instruments is over hyped. It states you will only need to spend 25 minutes a day copying and pasting four simple steps. I went through the whole course in detail over two days, and never saw the simple four steps that the sales page continues to repeat over and over.

I think those imaginary steps may be in the four up sells they offer, after the initial purchase, but I never buy the upsells when I buy something. I also think everyone really knows, there is never four simple steps to anything on the internet, no matter how hard they try to believe it.

Now for the good part. This guy really does know his stuff, and he definitely impressed me. No matter what level you are at, you will learn a lot from this course.

If this course was in an ebook format, I might assume he had someone else write it, or he gathered it from other sources, and put it into a book, but he does everything live on video, and this guy is real good.

This marketing course goes way beyond a Cpa Training Course. No matter what you are into he covers it well.

Cpa Instruments – A Must Have For Any Serious Internet Marketer

If you are a beginner, this would be a perfect course, because he covers just about everything you need to know to make money, and if you are a mid level marketer like me, you will still be very impressed.

I have been doing this marketing stuff for quite a few years, and thought I knew most everything I needed to know, for what I do, but I learned a lot of new tricks, that I had never thought of, and plan to refer back to many of the videos on a regular basis.

The Cpa Instruments Course is divided into nine modules, and each module covers a different part of the marketing process, and each module has between three and eleven videos. There are a total of forty three videos in this course, and they are not short videos.

They cover everything from keyword research, picking a product to promote, and setting up your site properly. They also cover squeeze pages, email collection forms, and how to use them effectively.

There are video on how to get accepted to cpa networks, how to drive traffic to your offers, and easy seo tips and tricks, and back linking methods, I never even thought of.

There are detailed video’s on pay per click marketing, article marketing, driving traffic with media buys, pay per view, and lots of other subjects.

Cpa Instruments – A Marketing Course That Over Delivers

And to top it off, he gives a free wordpress theme that he had designed, that can easily be changed to fit your needs inside the wordpress admin panel, to move the side bar left or right, or have no side bar.

You can change the theme color, turn it into a squeeze page, and several other options. I usually use a theme for all my sites, that cost me over one hundred dollars, but I like the theme he gives with the Cpa Instruments Course, because it has a nice clean look, and it may be my new theme.

My final word on this course is that it truly over delivers, and for the price, it is a no brainer. No matter what level of marketer you are, from beginner to expert, you will learn a great deal from this course.

You can tell from watching the Cpa Instruments Videos that this guy really knows what he is talking about, and this course is definitely worth getting.

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