Get A Free Website

Get A Free Website

Follow The Steps Below, To Get A Free Website Built Just For You

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  • The two things you will need to purchase, are a domain name, and a hosting account.
  • You will need a domain name when you buy your hosting, because they require a domain name to put your hosting account on. You can however choose anything, like, just to put your hosting account on, and then choose a domain for your site later.
  • If the domain name you want for your site is not available, you can add a character to the end, which works fine.
  • If you wanted but it is already taken, you might try something like,
  • Once you have chosen a domain name, you can register it with the hosting company, when you buy your hosting.
  • For you’re hosting account I recommend either Hostgator or Hostmonster because I have used both of them for years, and they are without a doubt, the best. Their service is never down, and their support is great.
  • Here are a couple of my sites as an example:
  • What you will get with this Free Website Offer?
  • I will set your nameservers to point to your hosting account.
  • I will load WordPress onto your hosting account.
  • I will load a Nice WordPress template to your account
  • I will load all necessary plugins onto your site and set them properly.
  • I will install the legal pages for your website
  • I will make all the necessary settings within WordPress, so your site runs properly.
  • I will install up to three pages of content, that you will supply.
  • I will install a custom header, if you have one.
  • I will do everything I can, to make sure you are satisfied.
  • You will also get my course on how to maintain your site, so you can enjoy it, and even make money with your site. This course has 18 detailed videos, on how to use and maintain your site, and I sell it everyday, but you will get it as a bonus.
  • Important: Once you have purchased your hosting through my link, use the contact us form at the bottom of this page to send me an email with your details.
  • Important: I will need the transaction information for your hosting purchase, your first name, and a contact email address.
  • Important: When I receive your information, I will contact you, to get the details for your new site.

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“Why Am I Offering To Build Free Websites?”

If you purchase the Web Hosting that you will need for your New Website, through one of my links on this page, the hosting company will pay me a commission. I will build you a free website, as described above, for the commission I get paid from the hosting company. That is my offer. There are no scams, tricks, or hidden charges. Follow the detailed instructions above, and you will get your new site, and your eighteen wordpress training videos, within a few days of sending me your information. I also just made two training videos, on 2-1-13, about how to select a good niche, and how to maintain your site. You will also get those for free.

Note: If you already have hosting, or cannot buy hosting through one of these companies for some reason, I have other options for you. Use the Contact Us form below to contact me. Click Here To Return To The Top Of The Page

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