How To Build A Website

How To Build A Website For Profit Or Fun

If you want to learn how to build a website, I will give you my best advice. I have created hundreds of websites over the years, and in doing so, I have learned a few things.

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The first decision you need to make, when deciding how to build a website, is what will be the purpose of your website. Is it just for fun or a hobby, or will you be trying to make a profit with your site.

The second thing is how will people find your new site. Will you depend on the search engines to send traffic to your sites, or will you send the traffic by other means, such as pay per click, solo ads, banner ads, ect.

Once you have those questions answered, it is time to choose a domain name for your new site. This is something people often struggle with, when deciding how to build a website.

I suggest if you are serious about your new site, you only buy a .com domain, but a .net or .org will work if necessary. I would never buy anything other than those extensions. I think the lower domains like .info, look unprofessional, and I think the search engines frown on them.

Finding an exact match domain, such as is not really necessary anymore, and it is now thought that the search engines may even punish a site that has such a domain.

This is because it was way over done by marketers, back a few years ago, when these domains were plentiful, and now the search engines, especially Google frowns on them.

You should however, try to find a domain name that lets people know what your site is about, and also has a relevant keyword in it, when deciding how to build a website. One good way to choose a relevant domain name, is to do a keyword search on your topic.

Find a keyword that has good search numbers, and create your domain name around that keyword. If you do a keyword search for something like weight loss, you will get hundreds of relevant keywords, and many of them will have a lot of searches per month.

However if you check those keywords in a domain name service, for .com, net, and .org, you will usually find that they are all taken. However if you add the word Best to the beginning of the keyword, or Success to the end of the keyword, or something similar to those words, that fit the keyword phrase, you will eventually find a winner.

As an example, I went to the Google keyword tool on 1-16-13, and typed in weight loss success for my search. I got eight hundred results for that search. In a few seconds I spotted a keyword, Extreme Weight Loss. It has 8,100 searches a month global, and 6,600 a month local, which is quite good.

I went to a domain name checker, and added the word Success to the end, and checked the domain, and it is available. That is how easy it is to find a good domain name. Plus with a good keyword in the domain name, like extreme weight loss, the search engines will really like it. This type of domain name is a good find, when deciding how to build a website that will attract free visitors.

How To Build A Website The Search Engines Will Like

Now that you have decided what the purpose of your site will be, and you have picked a domain name, it is time to find a few good keywords related to your subject, and write some articles for your new site.

One of the best places to find good keywords, if you don’t have your own keyword tool, is at the free Google keyword tool. This is also the tool I used to find the domain name above.

Type Google Keyword Tool in your browser. It will be the first listing that comes up. When you get to the Google keyword tool, you can login in if you have a gmail account, in the upper right corner of the site. This gives you more options. If you don’t have a gmail account, just fill in the captcha, to use the keyword tool.

When you get started with the keyword tool, it will be set to Ad Group Ideas by default. Be sure to change it to Keyword Ideas.

Important: You also want to set the keyword results to show Exact Match, so you get the real search numbers for your keyword. You need to click on the banner on the left side of the Google keyword tool, that says “Saved Ideas”. The choice for Exact Match, is under the saved ideas banner. When you select Exact Match, be sure to Un-Check broad match, which is set by default, because it gives bogus results.

To get a nice list of keywords for your website, enter a related keyword in the search box. You are looking for keywords that are a good fit for your websites articles, and have at least one thousand searches a month, as a minimum.

These also need to be words that will easily fit into the sentences in your content. In a six hundred word article, you should have one main keyword for each article, inserted at least six times, throughout the article.

I also try to put the keyword in the first sentence, and the last sentence of each article. It has been rumored for years, that this pleases the search engine gods, so I figure it can’t hurt.

You should also have two or three related words sprinkled throughout the article. These words do not necessarily need to have good search numbers. They are mostly to help the search engines understand what the article is about, and to enhance the reading experience of the human visitor. You can gather these words from the Google keyword tool, while you are searching for your main keywords.

Another item that is important to the search engines, when learning how to build a website, are the H Tags. Google and the other search engines, have always put a lot of value in these tags, and I believe they still do.

They are quite easy to create, and actually make your site look better, more professional, and help your visitors to get an idea of what your site is all about, before they read your content. You can see my three H tags on this page

These H tags should be well written, to get your visitor interested in reading your content. I usually put three of these tags on every page of content.

I will put one at the top of the page, one a third of the way down, and one two thirds of the way down in the content. You just want to make sure that the words in these h tags fit in with the content of your site, so they add to the visitor experience.

Make each one say something a little different.The first one will be h1 the second one will be h2 and the third one will be h3.

How To Build A Website That Can Make You Money

Last but not least, when deciding how to build a website, is to add a source of revenue, if that is one of your goals. This is rather easy to do. There are a lot of places that have items for sale, which you can sell on your site for a nice profit.

Clickbank is a good place to start. They are a big provider of digital products, that other marketers have created. You can find downloadable books on just about any subject, to sell on your site, for a nice profit. Joining clickbank is also free.

There are also many other places where you can find just about anything you wish to sell. A few that come to mind are, Amazon, Commission Junction, Share-A-Sale, and the various Cpa networks, where you can have visitors make you money, without selling them anything. All they have to do is fill out a form, with their zip code, or email, and you get paid.

You can also create a squeeze page, and have visitors join your email list, in return for a free book or video, or something of value. If you give them valuable information in your emails, they will often buy from you, when you send them a good offer.

Once you have a website the possibilities are really endless, if you put in the effort needed to make it happen.

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