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If you are looking for information on how to make a website, I have a deal for you, that you don’t want to miss. First let me explain the process of building a website. I have been creating websites since the mid nineties, and making a full time income from websites, since 2004.

Our technology has come a long way since those days. To create a website back in the nineties, you had to start with a blank page, and build it from scratch. There were programs like Microsoft Front Page, and Dreamweaver, that would write the necessary code, but there was a big learning curve to use it.

It could take weeks, trying to figure out how to make a website that was acceptable, and longer if you were looking for a good looking site. And believe it or not, it hasn’t gotten much easier, in spite of what some people will try to tell you.

The site building programs we have today, are better than they were, but they still have a big learning curve. You can easily spend days or weeks learning how to make a website with them, only to be discouraged with the results.

So what is the answer. In one word it is WordPress. This is a system that makes it much easier to learn how to make a website. The steps to creating a website with WordPress are a lot easier than building a website from scratch.

With this system you choose a template for your website, and add your content, plus several other steps for creating a WordPress website. There is also a learning curve for WordPress, but it is less than traditional sites.

Another benefit of WordPress is that Google seems to favor a WordPress site, over a traditional site, in the search engine rankings. This can be good for you, since you can get free visitors from the search engines.

How To Make A Website – I Will Do It For You

As I mentioned above, there is a learning curve for wordpress, as there is with anything new. You need to get web hosting, so you have a place to put your site, and you also need to get a domain name, which will identify your site on the internet, but it is still easier than learning how to make a website from scratch.

So what is the deal I have for you? I will create your site from scratch, using WordPress. You will need to buy your hosting, get a domain name, and supply the first two or three page of content, and I will handle everything from there.

I will set the name servers for your domain name, load WordPress onto your hosting server, load a template for your site, install and set up all of your site plugins, and install the content you provide, complete with H tags, and proper setup for the search engines.

Plus as a Bonus, I will give you my eighteen WordPress video series, which shows you how to make a website, how to maintain your website, how to easily add more content in the future, how to make money with your new site if you desire, and helpful information to help you enjoy your new site for a long time. I sell this course everyday, but it’s yours free.

How To Make A Website – Make Money With Your Site

So now you are wondering, what’s the catch? Well there really is no catch, but there is a reason I am willing to do this.

You will need to buy web hosting, so you will have a place to put your new site. If you buy it through my affiliate link, I get paid a commission from the hosting company. This does not cost you anything extra.

The fact is, you want a website, and I know how to create them, so if you buy the hosting through my link, I will build your WordPress site at no charge to you. It is a win win for both of us.

There are a lot of steps to create a WordPress website, and many people would rather not spend the time, trying to learn all these steps. The other reason this is a good deal for you, is because my complete video course I am going to give you, has 18 detailed videos, so you can maintain your site, and is included in this deal as a bonus.

So instead of spending months learning how to make a website, simply click below to get all the details.

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