How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online

Do you want to know how to make money online? Have you been trying all the magic schemes and systems the gurus have been promoting? Well don’t feel too bad, because we were all there at one time or another.

My name is Glenn Downer, and I have been quietly marketing on the Internet since 1998. I also got sucked into quite a few get rich schemes over the years, before I wised up, and realized that there was no magic program that would have the cash flowing into my account, with little or no work on my part.

After bouncing around for several years, I decided around 2003, that building a list of subscribers, and helping them find success, would be a good business model to follow.

It turns out that I was right, since Google would have killed most of my adsense sites, and cpa sites I had back then, with all their updates they have had over the last several years.

So how does this work? List building is where you offer visitors who come to your site, something of value for free, in exchange for their name and email. This allows you to contact them about whatever subject you are targeting, and give them good advice on the topic, plus offer them products that will help them, and that will also pay you a commission if they buy.

Best Way To Make Money Online

If you really want to know how to make money online, this is the best way to do it. The first thing you need to do, is pick your niche. Chose something you are good at, or are willing to learn.

Be sure the niche you pick has lots of people that are interested in that subject, and there is a good supply of products to sell to your subscribers. This can be anything from Internet marketing, to gardening.

Once you have decided on your niche, buy a domain name that relates to the niche, and set up a simple squeeze page, with a call to action, to collect visitors information.

Create a free gift, to give them for subscribing. It must be something of good value. You will also need to create a paid product as a one time offer, which they will see immediately after they subscribe. This also has to be of high value, with a low price.

This will give you a simple four page site, consisting of a squeeze page, your one time offer paid product sales page, your free gift download page, and your paid product download page.

Once you have this setup, your main function is to send traffic to your squeeze page. You will also need to add more emails to your auto responder on a regular basis, and create new products to sell, or find affiliate offers to promote, that will help your subscribers achieve their goals.

If you set it up right, and stay focused on sending the right traffic to your squeeze page, and keep tweaking your squeeze page to get the most people to subscribe, and keep adjusting your one time offer, to make the most sales, you will be on your way to the good life.

Follow A Proven System For Online Success

I have been following this exact system for almost ten years, and I can tell you without a doubt, that it is the best way to make a living on the Internet.

Some of the benefits are, never having to worry about your sites ranking in Google. Never caring about the next Google update. Never needing to build back links. And the list goes on.

All you have to do, once you get your system working properly, and converting your offers into sales, is keep sending quality traffic, and there are lots of ways to do that.

If you are running in circles, chasing every new wso, or new product on clickbank, you are really missing the boat. The only way to succeed online, is to choose a method that has a proven track record of success, and work it until it works for you.

To learn this exact system, and what I do everyday to make a full time income from my home, click the link below. I lay out this easy system in detail, including my traffic sources, tracking methods, and images of my squeeze pages, and email forms.

I also explain where to get free products to offer your subscribers, and paid products to sell your subscribers, for a very cheap price, that you can modify and brand as your own.

After reading my course, you will know everything you need to know, to start making a full time living from your home. So grab your copy, if you want to finally discover how to make money online. Click Here To Start Making Money

Also if WordPress is something you are not real familiar with, I have 18 detailed videos, that will make you a WordPress expert. They cover everything there is to know about WordPress. I have been using WordPress since it came out, and I think it is the best platform to use for your sites in my opinion. Click Here For My 18 WordPress Videos

Anyone can follow this simple system. All you need to do now is Take Action!

To Your Success.
Glenn Downer

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