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Keyword research is probably the most important part of having a successful website on the internet, but unfortunately many people get it wrong, and fail to ever achieve their goals. If you are looking to get free traffic to your site, then the only way to do that is with proper keyword research.

Getting free traffic to your site is easier than you think if done properly. The first thing you need to do is choose a niche that has sufficient traffic, without too much competition. This is an important step, and will take a little research.

If you choose a subject with very little traffic, you may get good rankings in the search engines, and get your site to page one, but you will probably get very little traffic, and little or no sales for your effort.

If you choose a niche that has a lot of traffic, but it also has heavy competition from other marketers, you may never get high enough in the rankings to see any activity on your site.

However once you learn a formula that works, you should be able to create one site after the other, which will get good rankings in the search engines, and bring you a steady supply of free traffic.

There are a lot of different ideas on how to get traffic, but I will tell you the way that I know works, because I use it everyday. It is a fairly simple system that anyone willing to put in a little work can do.

Decide on a niche you want to target. You can get ideas by surfing ebay, amazon, overstock, or even by writing down ideas in your favorite stores. Choose a three or four word product that you can buy the exact domain name for.

So as an example if I was going to try and target the keyword Ladies Leather Gloves, I would first go to the Google Keywords Tool, and enter that keyword. The Google tool would tell me how many searches that keyword gets, (exact match) and how much advertisers are paying for that word in pay per click. That is a good indicator of the value of that word.

The Google tool will also give me a list of other related keywords. I will take any of the other related words that fit into my niche, and have good search numbers, (3000 visitors a month or more exact match), and put them in a list.

Now go to the Google home page with the list, and check each word. Check each word as broad match, and then exact match, to see how many competing sites there are. As a example, at the time of this post for the keyword ladies leather gloves, there are 741,000 competing sites, but if you put the keyword in quotes, “ladies leather gloves” which gives you an exact match reading, there are only 31,800 competing sites.

My guidelines for a keyword are no more than one million competing sites (broad match) and no more than fifty thousand competing sites (exact match). If it doesn’t meet these guidelines I move on, and find another keyword.

This keyword with 31,800 competing sites is very acceptable, providing these other sites are not too competitive. I will check that two different ways. I will take my keyword and type it into google in quotes, for an exact match search like so, “ladies leather gloves”.

I will then scan the first three pages of results looking at the types of sites that are there. I am looking for sites like you tube, article directory sites like ezine, or go articles, hub pages, squidoo, and anything like this.

If I find one or more of these, I can usually assume that I will be able to rank on the first page of google for that keyword within a month or two, if not sooner.

I also check the keyword with intitle: inurl: and inanchor:. The way to do this, is to take the keyword in quotes, and put it with each of these phrases. As an example I would type into google, intitle: “ladies leather gloves” This will tell me the number of sites that has ladies leather gloves in the title on their site.

This is important because Google gives a lot of clout to sites that have the keyword in the title of their pages, so I want to know how much competition I am up against.

I will also do the same thing with inurl, and inanchor for the same reasons. If the competing sites are low, (below 30,000 for me) I will see if the domain name is available, in .com .net. or .org, and if it is, I will buy it.

Once you find a good three or four word keyword phrase, with an available domain name, in .com net or org only, you can use wordpress to put a couple of pages or posts with the main keyword, and then continue to build the site over time on closely related keywords, with good search numbers, and low competition using the same methods explained above.

However you decide to do it, this method plain works. Over time you could put posts up for “ladies work gloves” “ladies garden gloves” “ladies skiing gloves” ect, and each one of these pages would receive it’s own traffic source, if the keyword search numbers were good, or you can buy a separate domain name for each keyword phrase you find, and create a site for each phrase.

The key is getting the keyword research done right. After that everything should fall into place. The research method I explained above is very doable, but it is a slow process. You can often check twenty or thirty keywords before you find a good one, and this is quite time consuming. It is the way I did it for almost a year, until I found a better way. I found a tool that cuts my research time from hours to minutes.

This tool will allow you to type in a seed keyword such as “ladies gloves” and it will give you a whole list of related keywords that come from google. It will provide the search numbers for those keywords, both exact match, and broad match, and the intitle, inurl, and inanchor for all of those keywords.

It also gives you the number of exact match sites, or broad match sites, and when you have found keywords you are interested in, it will tell you if the domain is available in .com, net, or org, because it is linked to godaddy.

It turns an hour or two job of checking a batch of keywords, into a ten minute job. You can check out what I feel is the Best Keyword Research Tool on the market. I would be lost without it.

So there you have it. If you follow this system you should be able to launch successful sites, that get traffic, and make sales. With a little practice it becomes quite easy.

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