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The best website marketing strategy that I know of, to get free unlimited traffic, and make sales, is article marketing. If you take article marketing seriously, and stay focused, you will be amazed at the results you can achieve over time.

Article marketing has a snowball effect. The more articles you write and submit, the more traffic you will generate to your websites. Articles are also a long term plan. An article you submit today, will most likely be sending you traffic for years.

There are several ways to use the articles you write to gain traffic to your sites. The first on my list is submitting them to article directories. I like this method the best because you will get a back link, and traffic as soon as you submit the article to them.

This is a great way to get a site indexed quickly if it is new, or move it up in the rankings due to the back link. The second benefit of article directories comes from other website owners looking for content for their sites. If they decide to put your article on their site, you will get a nice back link from them.

This type of diverse linking is pleasing to the search engines, and will definitely improve the ranking of your site.

Submit To Free Directories

My second choice for my articles is free directories like wordpress, blogger, hub pages, or squidoo. These are easy to sign up for, and it takes about five minutes to post an article with a nice back link to one of these free sites.

The articles that you submit to the article directories should be of the best quality you can provide, because you are looking for other marketers to put them on their websites, but the articles on these free sites, are generally for back links only, although they can sometimes rank well, and can be turned out a little faster.

I will generally write a separate article just for the free blogs and directories, and then I will spin it, so I get about ten versions of the article that are different enough. This way I can get ten back links from one article. The tool that I found that makes quick work of this is called The Best Spinner, and it has that name for a reason.

If you are not the best writer, there is a lot of private label rights material available on the internet for free or very cheap, on just about ever subject you can think of. You can use this material, and rewrite it in your own words, making it truly yours.

Free Can Out Rank Your Paid Sites

Another major benefit of marketing with articles, is ranking high with the search engines. Because some of the major article directories have a lot of favor with search engines like Google, and Yahoo, your article can often get on the first or second page, for the keyword you are targeting.

You own website may be on page fifty, but if some of your articles start getting on page one and two of Google, or Yahoo, or any of the other search engines, and visitors click on your links, they end up on your site.

Now just think what the results could be, if you took the time to write ten articles, with links pointing to your site, over the next two weeks. That’s less than one article a day. Now what if you did that for a month. That would be twenty links to your site, and could be a whole lot of traffic and sales.

Pick The Right Keyword For Success

Just keep one thing in mind before you start your website marketing strategy. You have to pick a keyword for each article that gets enough searches to make it worth while. If no one is searching for the phrase you pick, it won’t work. You also need to make sure there is not too much competition for that keyword. If there is, your article may never make it to page one or two, and never produce traffic.

The second rule is to make sure the keyword is in the title of the article. And the third rule is to put the keyword in the article twice only. It is also a good idea to try a sprinkle a few related words in the article, which get good searches, but don’t over do it.

Google’s bells and whistles go off if it senses keyword stuffing, which means, putting the keyword too many times.

So that is the formula, and it works. And it’s a formula that anyone can do. If you think you are not good enough, then practice. It’s worth it.

Everyone thinks they have to get to the first page of Google to make money, or use pay per click, until they go broke, but if you learn how to master article marketing, you can make money no matter where your site is ranking.

To put your article marketing on the fast track check out this new tool I have been using extensively called The Best Spinner. It’s a big time saver.

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